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We drive by this place all the time, but never stopped in. Yesterday (01/26/2013) we finally decided to go after looking at reviews on Urbanspoon and Google+. We are so glad that we  stopped in. They are known for their cheesesteaks, but we are burger people so we ordered from their new burger menu.

My wife ordered the Tiger Burger which includes hot sauce and fried jalapeños. 50% of the price of this burger goes to support Grissom High School (which is across the street) athletes. I ordered the Bar-Bac-Q Burger which has bacon and barbecue sauce. Both of the burgers were excellent, however my wife found the Tiger burger to be a little too spicy for her. It’s not too spicy for someone who likes buffalo sauce. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that all of the burgers are 1.3 pound. Burgers come with either french fries or or their home made house chips. They also have other sides, some of which upcharge a little. My wife got the sweet potato fries, which added 50 cents, and were quite good. I got the house chips which were also good. they come with a garlicy tasting salt seasoning. A burger and fries or chips is enough to satisfy me, but a little too much for my wife.

The menu on urbanspoon isn’t correct anymore but I’m trying to get the new ones on there. Until I do, I’ll add them on here. The main menu is a scan of their to go menu, which is the same as the in store menu except that it is formatted landscape instead of portrait. The burger menu is new and hasn’t been added to the to go menu so I took a picture of it. One of my favorite parts of the burger menu is that on burgers that have bacon they make sure you know it by putting a picture of bacon next to the title of the burger. :-)

Overall great menu, friendly staff, and good value. Go visit! I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

Update #1

Got the cheesesteak for lunch a few days ago and had a nice lunch with my wife. Those cheesesteaks are so good, I may not order another burger… I haven’t had one made in philly, so I can’t say if it’s the best anywhere, but It’s definitely got to be a contender for first place. I don’t like bell peppers, so I got mine with mushrooms and jalapenos. My wife got hers with just mushrooms instead of bell peppers. 15 cents each for adding toppings. They apparently do not substitute. Since the toppings are only 15 cents it didn’t bother me too much.

Again, this cheesesteak is amazing. You should try it!

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